We boost sales twice a year with profitable promotions. In April we run our campaign Get-Ready-Harvest! and in October it’s Final-Booster!

Promoted products are occasionally delivered in a specially designed display that is easy to place where you want it – taking up minimum space but achieving maximum results.


Promotion start: April

The harvest season is a new-equipment season. Everything has to go smooth and efficiency must be in top priority because the weather is unpredictable every year. Promote products with focus on the harvest and communicate tips about Dynello products in the months up to harvest.


Promotion start: October

We are approaching the holiday season, cold weather and the famous Black Friday whether you like it or not. Dynello is focusing on getting gear-ready for cold weather, because nothing is more tiresome than having bad equipment in bad weather. We are promoting product suggestions for gifts as well as quality gear for the weather.